C# .net SQL T-SQL Development Support Luxembourg Contract

Posted on Apr 16, 2019 by McCabe & Barton

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Immediate Start
€550 - €600 Daily

C# .net SQL T-SQL Development Support Luxembourg Contract

SQL Application Support T-SQL SSIS SSRS with .net C# Production Support Luxembourg 6-12-24 month Contract

*Need A support person coming with good .Net/C# understanding and broad skill set of Microsoft development tools. This is not a DBA admin role, we Need a Support person understanding and writing code and not administering databases or Servers.

Microsoft Environment, SQL 2008 R2 and 2016.

Full time job based in Luxembourg (weekly commuting is OK)

Rate 500-600 euros day; maybe more. this is a 6-month contract BUT it can go into 2-3 years so this will suit candidate wanting/happy to be based there for a year or two!.

Start ASAP. Ideal start date. Interview now.

There will be some Shift work, either start early at 07.00 and finish early or start late/finish late or work the late shift from 18.00 to 21/22.00.

This is a SQL Application Support role BUT we are equally happy to have a SQL Server - the core of this job is Support and Deep technical T-SQL.

This is a support role; MUST have very strong T-SQL skills.

Writing queries is key. Minor change requests. Data updates.

Promote code environment for others. Some QA for other teams.

Monitoring is KEY.

SSIS, SSRS. SQL Performance tuning.

NEED DEEP Technical T-SQL SQL Skills.

You need to be very business - user focused. Ie go to see the user if you can solve the problem or go and see the user to understand the issue property.

Process improvement, continuous improvement.

Contribute to Agile ceremonies when needed/when necessary

In this Application support role we expect and need someone who is willing to work as Support and working on multiple tasks, willing to take on multiple tasks but also maybe some DBA support.

DBA performance.

SQL Performance tuning.

You will work in conjunction/very close to the DBA but you won't have their accesses.

This is a production environment so the pressure is on. Dealing with high pressure SQL Application. Anyone with C# is welcome - its an advantage

Dashboards on SQL development

Documentation and new case documentation.

You will work on SQL queries, performance issues, troubleshooting.

You will also be expected to go and see the user if they have issues, ie use your get up and go to fix/solve issues. Be visible, helpful and take work on weather SQL Database and DBA or more Application Support. Analyse poor performances identified by the DBA.

You are expect to sit with the business user (as said above)

This is a 2nd and 3rd level support role.

We will look at a junior SQL Application Support person or a developer wanting to work more in support or a SQL Server DBA who is happy to roll his/her sleeves up and muck into all the tasks needed.

T-SQL reading/writing is a MUST.

This is a Productions tam where you will help the DBA's and work very closely with them. They may ask you to investigate slow performance/poor performance - investigate and understand and try to fix.

Talk to users, coordinate with teams, monitor the queue, incidents.

Dashboards - important - take action/solve if possible or escalate. Be proud of your job and service and team,.

You will Manage stored procedures.

Business communication is KEY.

We need a quick learner, there are lots of in house bespoke applications.

Understand Change management process.

There is some DBA - performance issues, and you will be expected to suggest improvements in this,

Ownership of issues is KEY, take ownership, see the problems solved. This is the job!

This is a production environment, if there's an issue the entire team helps to get it solved. If there is a mistake/problem/issues it is not WHO made the issues but how we can the tam solve it together. It's a busy fast change environment.

The early shift is very important, this starts at 07.00, not 07.10!

There is a late shift that is more complicated but if you have the skills or learn the skills to do this then why not.

You will work on scripts and tool box.

Context switching, multiple tasks at once, you must be calm in stressful environments.

If the database is broken Support the monitoring.

You will work on SLA's along with other teams.

Service integration worldwide.

The team need to be more transparent and share issues/problems/resolutions with other teams.

How can you as a team prevent issues and work on making a better service, not on ly for your office and team but all locations.

Work on Stability of systems this is KEY.

Improve monitoring environment, health checks of applications, check lists and support.

You work very close to DBA's, with DBA's, you are oneteam. One service.

This is a bridge role; You work hand in hand with DB's.

Queries are key.

Tough role. You need to be precise and available.

There is no micromanagement, you need to be accountable, strong, confident and able to share issue if you cannot solve them. If you can help the DBA's then DO IT!

Tax and Social Security requirements for Luxembourg

Please note:

Unless you have a Luxembourg set up you need to work via an umbrella company to pay tax and social security in country. We need this done from day one. Tax and social security is circa 24- 34%, the umbrella company pay you direct into your bank every month and the take care of all administrative work - insurance/indemnity and so on. Simple, easy, legal and a must-do for EU contracts. You have nothing to do but the work you are contracted to do and send a timesheet at the end of the month. They charge 550 euros per month. This is a simple one-stop-shop and the best way to work legally in Luxembourg.

You can also register a UK (or other EU country) limited company in Luxembourg via an umbrella company and an A1 form - higher retention (higher take home for you), More like 76% but you will have to do your accounts and your Limited Company must be existing, ie you cannot create one especially to do this!.


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