Product Design Manager

Posted on Nov 18, 2018 by Hudl

Lincoln, NE 68501
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What do Product Designers do at Hudl? We make the process above as headache-free as possible. We lead small, cross-functional teams in creating and shipping clear, delightful user experiences. First, designers conduct primary user research to understand our customers' latent needs. Designers learn why first-hand. There are no requirement docs handed down. Next, they rough out concepts to test with developers, QAs, and their product manager. They sketch, they mock, and they prototype the key interactions. And often, they throw big pieces out when it doesn't connect in a user test. Once the concepts start clicking, Product Designers start crafting the interface (HTML & CSS for web apps, Interface Builder for iOS, etc.). They team up with a developer to improve the code and wire it into back-end systems. Finally, they ensure the visuals, interactions, and IA are consistent throughout the flows and are coherent with the rest of the experience. You are
  • Experienced as a manager. You identify as someone who's unafraid of performance reviews and check-ins. In fact, you look forward to them. We hate counting years of experience but this role isn't for first-time managers.
  • Focused. Both on results for the business and for the professional development of your direct reports. You can measure and correct performance.
  • Comfortable with feedback. Giving and receiving respectfully blunt feedback and critique is a natural part of your creative process. You know how and when to trust the process-and how to fix it when it's broken.
  • Organized. You are just as proud of your organizational tools (docs, spreadsheets) as you are your best pieces of UI design work.
  • Dedicated. Have you heard the phrase, "strong opinions, loosely held?". Ultimately, you keep an open mind about what's best for the product, your team and most importantly, customers.
  • Knowledgeable as a player-coach. You understand that technical, business, and design constraints factor into every product decision. You're able to share this wisdom as "the boss." But, you're also able to roll up your sleeves and do the work yourself when necessary.
  • Diplomatic. Managers at Hudl interface with managers and leaders in other departments. You can manage up, down and across to align the needs of the design organization with the rest of the business.
  • A recruiter. You help the organization raise its bar for talent. You keep our top designers engaged and growing. You help us hire specialists when the time is right. We will
  • Treat you like an adult. We trust you to get work done and take a break when you need it. Use time off when you want and how you want.
  • Take care of you. Our health insurance and retirement plans will let you and your family sleep soundly.
  • Feed you. Hudl provides daily lunches in our Lincoln and Omaha offices, and lunch once a week in our Boston and London offices. Location/Relocation We have offices all over the world, but we are proudly headquartered in Lincoln, NE. We need this senior lead position in Lincoln-or just down the interstate in Omaha. Apply You read the bullet points twice. You've done the appropriate amount of Googling. Now, it's time to apply. We expect hosted, up-to-date portfolios and a thoughtful, specific cover letter.
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