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SAP S/4 Hana Migration GIS Oracle Spatial ESRI Technical Brussels Belg

Posted on Sep 20, 2020 by Sure IT Recruitment

Brussel, Belgium
Immediate Start
€425 - €425 Daily

SAP S/4 Hana Migration GIS Oracle Spatial ESRI Technical Brussels Belgium

The objective of this mission is to provide external expertise in the combination of SAP and GIS solutions in order to help to establish a Roadmap as part of the planned migration to S/4 and Hana Spatial.


As part of the current migration project of SAP software suite to S/4 Hana (that we expect to achieve during 2022), we also have the question of the evolution of geolocation aspects related to elements managed in SAP.

Currently, this management is done via:

  • a GIS database in Oracle Spatial format (version 12c);
  • the ArcGIS Middleware offered by ESRI (version 10.6);
  • the Geo.e framework which provides the link between the ESRI and SAP worlds;
  • and the SAP system itself (R/3 version).

With the S/4 Hana migration, we plan to review points 1 and 3 above

We are planning to migrate the GIS database from Oracle Spatial format to Hana Spatial format. In this context, it is essential to ensure that we can always have the functionalities currently offered by Oracle Spatial, in particular and in a non-exhaustive way:

  • with regard to the API linked to the Linear Referencing System and which is widely used in the current GIS system to be able to locate elements along the rail network either in geographic (X, Y) or linear (distance along the railway track coming from information about line, track and milepost) positioning systems;
  • with regard to spatial indexing, which must ensure optimal performance during spatial requests involving positioning or distances between elements of the rail network.

The system that links the ESRI and SAP worlds will also have to follow this migration.

Several solutions exist on the market; we can quote in a non-exhaustive way:

  • the Geo.e framework which is therefore the system currently used;
  • the "UT Integrator" suite, which enables Real Time integration between an SAP database and an ESRI spatial database and which is available through current framework contract;
  • the solution offered directly by SAP as part of S/4 Hana: the SAP Geographical Enablement Framework.


To ensure an optimal transition of GIS system in connection with the S/4 Hana migration, we want to have external expertise allowing us:

  • to have a complete inventory of existing systems;
  • to analyze as well as possible all the impacts of a migration of the GIS database from Oracle Spatial to Hana Spatial, taking into account the existing and the specific functionalities to keep (such as those related to the LRS);
  • to conduct an objective market study in relation to the different solutions proposed to link the ESRI and SAP worlds;
  • to propose a realistic roadmap in relation to the implementation of the chosen solutions;
  • to propose a planning for specific trainings for the involved tools, and specially for Hana Spatial for the offices responsible for ERP Architecture, ERP Development and GIS Development;
  • to predict the impacts, for instance on the conversion downtime and complexity, of installing and using Hana Spatial during the global S/4 Hana Migration project.

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Reference: 952461831

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